5 Modes of recognition stand up in your self

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – expertise Sheet 6
Contd. from understanding sheet 5

five modes of cognizance arises in yourself. What are they?

Pratyakshanumanagamaha pramanani

The specific styles of proof the mind requires are the obvious experiential evidence, inferential proofand scriptural evidence.
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #7

Pratyaksha manner obvious, experiential. Our mind constantly wants to have an apparent, solid, experiential proof. this is one mode of interest of the mind. another is anumana, which means that, it isn’tso obvious, however you infer and some thing you infer, you trust.

Agamaha is the proof the thoughts takes from scriptures or from books. because it’s miles written. Eventoday in positive faraway villages, some thing revealed is the gospel reality. Many humans say that due to the fact that some thing is written it must be right. we’re continuously looking for proof of somethingor whatever.

Yoga is while you drop this search and abide within the Self. Abiding within the Self does now not wantevidence. truth cannot be understood via evidence. God is past proof. You can’t show God, nor are you able to disprove God.

proof is hooked up to logic and logic may be very limited in its purview. this is the identical with enlightenment, same with love. Love can in no way be proved or disproved. This isn’t in the realm of the seer. The seer is beyond evidence.

Viparyayo mithyajnanamatadrupa pratishtam

incorrect expertise is knowing the artificial in a form that is not its own.
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #eight

most of the time you impose your own thoughts, views and feelings on others and you believe you studied this is how they may be. that is called viparyaya. you have got an inferiority complicated or youabruptly see someone else behaving very arrogantly. They won’t be smug and you are not being unwellhandled via them. but you experience which you are being illhandled. You are not respected due to the fact you do no longer admire yourself. you observed that others do not recognize you. This tendency of your thoughts is viparyaya. all of sudden humans feel that they may be now not being cherished.

Shabdajnananupati vastushunyo vikalpaha

it’s miles a type of hallucination observed in series by mere words or knowledge and which, in truth, iswithout fact.
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #9

Vikalpa is a form of a hallucination. not anything of that sort exists, just mere words which do not conveya lot meaning hover inside the mind. This delusion is referred to as vikalpa, the 1/3 modulation ofthoughts or chitta.

Vikalpa may be of types. One could be a glad, pleasurable delusion and the alternative can be baseless fears. “what’s going to manifest if I die the following day? What if i have an coincidence?” these are allsimply genuinely sounds which have no fee. Baseless fears within the thoughts or fantasies.

Abhavapratyayalambana vruttirnidra

Sleep is that modulation of the thoughts which has, for its objective, substratum, the reason of non-life.
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #10

If the thoughts isn’t always in any person of the above stated 3 modulations, then in the fourth vicinity itgoes to sleep. The 5th hobby of the thoughts is smruti, that is remembering the stories it had.

Anubhuta vishaya sampramoshaha smrutihi

Remembering the past studies.

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