Here Is All You Need To Know About Unintended Weight Loss

if you notice sudden weight loss, contact a doctor and take medical assistance within time.

Weight gain is a menace, and so is unexplained weight loss. While weight gain puts a biological challenge on the body, weight loss is always seen as a godsend initially, until it reaches a serious stage from which it is difficult to be undone.

Sudden weight comes as a result of an imbalance in the biological ecosystem of the body, if you are not regularly exercising or are not on a controlled diet for an effective weight loss. Unintended weight loss can jeopardize a person’s health or indicate an underlying medical condition. Therefore, if you notice sudden weight loss, contact a doctor and take medical assistance within time. Various factors decide the overall weight of an individual – the list includes calorie, food type, physical activity, health, medical conditions, age, gender and other social factors.

Hyperthyroidism, diabetes, COPD, heart disease, cancer dementia are said to be some common reasons why people suddenly lose most of their weight. Stress affects the formation of hormones that further impact gastrointestinal activity and metabolism rate. Stress can either lead to severe weight gain or else can lead to a severe weight loss. The symptoms of depression can also cause weight loss, a 2017 prospective study Trusted Source, researchers examined depression as the underlying cause in 7% of the participants, who participated in the unexplained weight loss.

A person may also experience unexplained weight loss as a result of kidney or liver disease, alcohol or drug use disorder, a stomach ulcer, or celiac disease.

As per a 2018 study, adult women who are between the ages of 25–29 years or older than 35 years are at a higher risk than men of Crohn’s disease. Notably, 45 years of age, men have a substantially higher risk of ulcerative colitis than women.

While bodyweight can fluctuate naturally, people should contact a doctor if they lose more than 5% of their weight in 6 to 12 months of their baseline body weight, without making any changes to their diet or exercise routine.


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