CTBC CYE annual youth day culminates

CTBC CYE annual youth day culminates



52nd session of the annual youth day of Chetheba Town Baptist Church (CTBC), Christian Youth Endeavour (CYE) concluded at Chetheba Town Baptist Chruch on March 26. The three-day annual meet was held from March 24-26 under the theme “In step with God”.
For the meet, the youths were divided into three groups; Galatians (junior team Chetheba), Philippians (senior team Chetheba) and Ephesians (Kohima sector). Altogether 96 members were registered as the choir members.
The praise and worship team was led by Agape College, Dimapur who came along with the main speaker Thepukhoyi Kezo, lecturer, Agape College, Dimapur.
At the annual meet, one-day workshop was introduced on the topic ‘the value to youth life’ and the program was moderated by Vezokho Swuro.
The annual meet also saw the group competing in different events such as solo, duet, theme song, group indigenous etc.
For theme song competition, Ephesians was adjudged first and Phillipians 2nd position while in group indigenous song, 1stposition was bagged by Galatians and 2nd by Ephesians.
On the second day, sports activities such as volleyball and tug-of-war were held. The sports were enlisted to bring a better relation and collaboration among the group.
Volleyball (Men) was won by Ephesians and runners up bagged by Philippians while for tug of war (women) Philippians defeated the junior team in the final.
Philippians was adjudged as the champions and were awarded with a cash prize of Rs.10000, donated by Nuzota Swuro in memory of brother late Dr. Sulucuyi Swuro
Other competition results:
1st – Galatians
2nd – Ephesians
3rd – Philippians
1st- Galatians
1st- Sunny Rose (Philippians)
2nd- Vekuto Tetseo(Galatians)
3rd- Mhaluve Vadeo(Ephesians)
Bible quiz
1st- Ephesians
2nd- Galatians
Best quizer- Venetsulu Nienu (Galatians)


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