3 Key Benefits of Dental Implants Explained

Dental veneers: Cost, procedure, and results

A lot of people cringe at the word “dental implants,” but the truth is, there is no reason to. You might be envisioning tens of thousands of dollars of damage here, but that’s not realistic unless you are getting your whole mouth done. It’s a dental procedure and there might be some discomfort, but a good dentist will help you out with what will not be a lengthy recovery. Discover the benefits of dental implants here, and you might just be all on 4 dental implants like millions of other Americans today.

Good Oral Health

The reason people get dental implants is not just for the pretty smile. If you have missing teeth, you are missing out on the quality of life. Dental implants replace missing teeth, in a permanent way. These are teeth you will have for life, and you won’t have to worry about dentures for the missing teeth.

When you get dental implants, you won’t have to worry about cavities there. It’s a surgical procedure, so you do have to take care of your new tooth, just like you would a new hip. However, maintenance is easy and the tooth lasts for life.

One study looked at patients ten years after their dental implants. Of a total of 299 implants in 189 patients, only one implant in total had failed and needed to be removed. The success rate is exceptional. It’s a one-time problem almost all the time.

Dental Implants are Affordable

This is not the primary benefit, but it’s an important one to note. The dental implant market is at $900 million for 2021 and is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2027. Millions of people have dental implants.

The average cost for one dental implant can range from $1,000 to $1,600. Your insurance might cover it, but if not, that is a cost that can be budgeted within a year’s time of needing one.

You’re not alone if you need them, millions are in the same boat as you. They are often more affordable than the alternatives of dentures or partials.

Low Maintenance

Along with good oral health and affordability, the benefit of low maintenance is tied into the many benefits of dental implants. This is not a root canal or oral surgery that went bad situation where you’re in the dentist’s office every few weeks to maintain and check on. It is a major procedure, so you may have a complication or two that your dentist or clinic like those at Central Texas Periodontics will clearly explain along with every possible option for care.

However, for the most part, it’s one and done with dental implants.

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