3 Ways To Boost Weight Loss

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Are you currently following a weight loss program? Many people find that when they first begin a new fitness regimen, they notice significant changes within just a few weeks. But, as their body adjusts to the new routine, their weight loss slows down, or plateaus altogether — this is especially common when you have only a few more pounds left to go to reach your goal. If this sounds like you, don’t be despondent. You just need a little boost to get you over the finish line. Here are three things you can try.

Weight-loss Supplements

You can buy supplements explicitly designed to help people meet their weight-loss targets. The formula may vary depending on the type you buy. Still, you can get supplements like Trimbolic First Fitness that help you feel fuller for longer or supplements that accelerate your heart rate, so you burn more calories faster.


Cardio burns calories, and the higher the intensity you train, the more you burn. Rowing is an excellent way to add cardio to your program. If you weigh 150lbs, even a moderate row (100 watts) allows you to burn an additional 239 calories in half an hour. If you step up that intensity to around 150 watts or a vigorous effort, you can burn 290 calories. There are plenty of other cardio options too. The elliptical trainer, sprints, swimming, and cycling all help you achieve a similar number.


Reducing the number of calories you eat will always help you lose weight, but you also need to eat enough to make it through your daily routines. Instead of cutting calories, think smarter about what you’re eating. Lose any refined sugars and bump up your protein. You’ll feel fuller for longer, and your food will work harder for you.

Don’t give up now when you’re so close. Try some of these pointers and give your body a little help in losing those last few pounds.

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