5 Signs Your Loved One Is Suffering an Addiction

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If you have noticed uncharacteristic changes in your loved one, you may suspect that he or she is suffering from a substance abuse disorder. Identifying the signs of addiction as early as possible is important for helping the person in your life living with addiction. You should seek more information from a professional or a Los Angeles treatment center if you notice any of these signs of substance abuse:

1. Changes in Physical Appearance

Drug and alcohol abuse can have significant effects on physical appearance, and people in active addiction often begin to neglect their hygiene and appearance. Rapid weight gain or loss may be the first change you notice. Other physical signs include:

  • Skin problems
  • Red eyes
  • Dilated pupils
  • Dental problems
  • Body odor

2. Unstable Moods

Wild mood swings are one of the most recognizable signs of a substance abuse disorder. You may see your loved one’s emotions shift dramatically over short periods of time. An addict may need to seek help from a professional at a Los Angeles treatment center to determine whether mood swings are also a sign of an underlying mental health concern.

3. Inability To Fulfill Obligations

The effects of addiction often extend into the work or school life of a person living with substance abuse. You may notice your loved one is not attending work or school. He or she may have difficulty maintaining employment. Addicts often fail to satisfy basic commitments, such as keeping appointments, paying bills on time, and meeting deadlines.

4. Dishonesty

Uncharacteristic dishonesty may be a sign of addiction. People dealing with substance abuse frequently resort to lying to hide their addiction. They may lie about where they are going, who they are with, or how their money is being spent.

5. Financial Trouble

Addicts regularly find themselves in financial trouble as they try to maintain their often-expensive habits. Additionally, the impact of addiction can affect their ability to keep a job and meet financial obligations, which exacerbates their financial stress. Signs of financial trouble related to substance abuse include selling belongings, frequently borrowing money, or having unexplained financial trouble.

When someone in your life undergoes unexplained and significant changes, it can be hard to understand why. If you notice any of the signs of a substance abuse disorder, you should seek more information to get help for a family member or friend. A Los Angeles treatment center can assist you in finding resources to assist your loved one suffering from substance abuse.

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