About Love Handle Removal Surgery

Removal of Love Handles By Liposuction

Love handles can be a frustrating thing to live with. From difficulties from finding clothing that fits right to possible self-esteem issues excess weight around the midsection is a problem, you want to be solved. Love handle removal surgery can help remove unsightly fat that diet and exercise are failing at addressing. While liposuction is a practical and useful medical solution it’s important to understand what it can do, what recovery looks like, and to set realistic goals.

What Love Handle Liposuction Does

Liposuction removes excess fat that collects in certain parts of your body. The love handles are one such area where fat can collect and are an ideal candidate for liposuction. While liposuction will improve your figure it won’t make you absolutely perfect. But it will do is remove the fat in your love handles that your hard-work simply isn’t solving. Also, many liposuction patients are people that are already in good physical condition but love handles can prove very hard to get rid of even with regular workouts. Liposuction will also not solve issues with loose skin or prevent future weight gain in other areas of your body (it will help prevent weight gain in the love handle area, however).

What Causes Love Handles

Love handles can have a variety of causes, much like weight gain in general. These can include health concerns, aging, hormonal changes, a lack of sleep, diet issues, and issues with your metabolism. In addition, getting rid of them can prove to be a challenge even if you’ve managed to lose weight in other areas of your body and get into better shape. In cases such as this liposuction is a viable solution.

What Does Recovery From Liposuction Involve?

After getting liposuction you will need time to heal and recover from the procedure. Common symptoms include numbness to the love handle area, bruising, and some swelling. Most symptoms go away within a few weeks however, swelling can linger a bit longer and up to three months. Most people find themselves able to return to normal daily activities within a week. Recovery time depends on several factors such as personal health, amount of fat removed, and other variables.

Final Thoughts

Personal health is an important thing not just in terms of your physical wellbeing but also your mental wellbeing. How you perceive yourself and how you believe other people view you is a key part of how you engage with personal and professional relationships. Love handles can have a negative impact on your life, and sometimes you need outside assistance to remove them.

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