Aerial Yoga grows in popularity

  • Aerial Yoga grows in popularity

Yoga has been known to be a great health remedy for the body, and now aerial yoga classes are taking off and pushing those standing positions to the next level.

Practicing this type of yoga can help with spinal alignment, blood pressure and the heart.

“So for those who are running and are like, ‘oh, I need this for my cardio vascular,’ the latest research says that intensive aerial yoga can give the same amount of workout as running a couple of miles,” Jaime Haines, aerial class instructor said.

Jala Studio also offer slowers classes called “Yen.”

During the class, students go into a specific position and stay at a stand-still to let the muscles relax.

“Your muscles are always moving in society, so when your muscles come to a stop…the goal is to be still and let the muscles relax, and once they relax, the connective tissues can finally get its release” Haines said.

“It’s a relaxing way to strengthen and release tension, and the atmosphere is just beautiful. Just being wrapped up in that silk is so relaxing.” Michelle Dowell, a class attendee said.

Some say the silk is helpful for those who are not as flexible.

“It’s probably the best workout you can do in the yoga world — especially because you can go upside down. You can actually do the regular yoga poses and just have fun with it” Dan Havey, another aerial yoga student said.

“Liberating” is a word class attendees use to describe the art.

“It’s a beautiful color waving over you. The feeling of the silk on your body, The atmosphere of the room. I think it’s a hard thing to replicate” Dowell said.

Jala studio is located at 3119 Valley Avenue in Winchester.


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