Alicia Keys Admits Her Good, Clear Skin Wasn’t Easy

Alicia Keys Admits Her Good, Clear Skin Wasn’t Easy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ve seen Alicia Keys in all of her no-makeup glory on The Voice, on the red carpet, and, well, pretty much everywhere else. And unless you are superhuman with a face as smooth as marble, you’ve probably wondered how the hell Keys has such perfect, blemish-free skin. Welp, according to her, she wasn’t born with it—it took some work.

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“It took me forever to get this skin,” said the singer in Elle UK’s December 2016 issue. “I mean, I know how it feels to have a face full of bumps and pimples. I lived through that in the public eye.” Though Keys doesn’t break down her full skin-care routine, we have to believe that not wearing makeup is definitely contributing to good skin, since any of us who have worn a full-face of foundation for 14-hours straight knows how lackluster your skin looks afterward.

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But Keys isn’t trying to be the leader of the makeup-free revolution—her bare-faced move was simply a personal choice. “Some have called this a crusade,” she continued in the article. “Well, I died laughing at that. I used to feel the pressure to appear as the music industry expected, but I don’t now.” Still, even though Keys’ skin journey wasn’t an overnight one, we will say that having a team of expert facialists and derms at your disposal can only bring good things.

So next time you wake up with a zit, don’t fret; eventually, with enough patience and skin-care dedication and, frankly, time until your hormones die down in a few years, you, too, will have nice skin. Something to look forward to, right?

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