Ardmore Airpark Fire hosts annual training excercise

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) — Several Carter and Grayson County first responders joined forces Saturday for training at an Ardmore Airpark.
Ardmore Fire officials say training such as these occur every year…

“Ardmore Air Park likes to hold a county wide training, once a year and today is some county wide training hosted by the Ardmore Airpark and we simulate a plane crash,” Woydziak said.

The training scenario included putting out a fire and helping volunteers…dressed up as injured or deceased passengers.
Training officer Jason Woydziak say this kind of practice is important for both EMS and Fire departments…

“If we spend time getting to know each other, then when we work a real emergency thing seem to go a little more seemless,” Woydziak said.

“You can train as individual entities but once you come together, its a lot better because you’ll find out what the other people’s strengths and weakness are so therefore you can work off each others,” Jones said.

Bill Jones, Operations director for Oklahoma Ambulance Service says they use this training to help first responders learn about what to do in a mass casualty situation.
“Getting out here, training, able to figure out which ones…which patients are the worst, which ones can wait, which ones are walking, which ones need to fly,” Jones said.

Woydziak says this kind of training helps them learn about their limitations personally and equipment wise.

“All we’re trying to do is give our guys some experience with some live fire to see you know just what their gear will withstand and how much heat they can take before we need too back out.,” Woydziak said.

The next training is scheduled for next October.


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