Beauty tips for rainy days

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All that “a walk in the rain” sounds sweet and romantic, but not so when it rains heavy and you are trying not to step on muddy puddles.

Real-life rainy situation may not be as good as it is made out to be in movies and songs. With the rain, comes several monsoon woes, such as flooded roads, landslides, wet clothes and muck on your feet, shoes and clothes. As much as you love the rain, it can be difficult to step out when it rains. And, as much as you love the drizzle, raindrops on your face can spoil your nicely beautified look. So, what do you do on damp and rainy days. Follow some simple monsoon beauty hacks that can keep you looking beautiful and stylish even on rainy days.

Care for the face: Apply a good amount of moisturiser or foundation cream base on your face. Avoid dry foundation base as even a drop of rain on your face can smudge the application and spoil your look.

Sunscreen: Continue to use sunscreen even on wet days to protect your skin from UV rays.

Care for your eyes: Take care of the mascara and liquid eye liner. It can smudge easily. Use water proof eye make-up or use eye cream before you apply any shade on your eyes. Take care of your eyebrows too.

Protect your hair: Rain water can act on your hair and make it brittle or frizzy. When you get home soaking wet from the rain, wash the rainwater away from your hair as soon as possible and wipe them dry gently with a soft towel. Do not blow dry.

Dry your feet: Wash your feet properly. Scrub them good to remove all the dirt. Wipe them dry, between the toes, and wear covered shoes. Cover them well and keep them safe from infections. Apply cream or lotion on them before bed and when stepping out. It will save you from the dirt sticking on to your skin.

Avoid wet shoes: If your shoes or sandal gets wet, remove them immediately. Wash them if they are washable and dry them well, lest fungus creeps in. Wearing wet shoes can cause infections and make you sick.

Avoid black dresses: Rainwater can be real bad not only for your skin but also your clothes. Avoid wearing white and black dresses when you are out on a rainy day. Muck on white may leave a stain behind, and muddy splashes on black and white are more visible.

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