Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry

Several types of sedation techniques have been in the field of dentistry for decades. The three types are oral sedation, nitrous oxide and IV sedation. Each makes it possible for patients to receive their dental care in the most comfortable circumstances possible. If you need dental work done and hate visiting your dentist, consider finding a dentist who has their oral conscious sedation certification. Be sure to check if their certificate is from a reputable provider such as the one found at Below are some of the main benefits of considering sedation dentistry.

Painless Dental Work

One of the main benefits of sedation dentistry is the ability to get your dental work completed without dealing with the pain. When you receive IV sedation, you will be under general anesthesia. This means you will be asleep and not feel any of the work being completed on you. Once you wake up, your procedures will be completed and you will have no memory of the process. Oral sedation and laughing gas can also make the process less painful without having to be put to sleep.

Less Anxiety And Fear

Another benefit of being sedated while having dental procedures completed is you will not have to deal with the fear and anxiety of your appointment. Based on your fears, anxiety levels, your medical history and the dental treatments you require, your dentist will suggest the best type of oral sedation for your appointment.

Strong Gag Reflex

For those who have strong gag reflexes, a trip to the dentist can be significantly harder to sit through. Gagging easily while the dentist is working on your teeth can make undergoing certain procedures and treatments practically impossible. Sedation dentistry can relax you or knock you out completely so that you can get through the process without suffering.

These are just a few of the top reasons to consider sedation dentistry. If you or a loved one has a physical or mental disability, sedation might be the only way to have an effective dental treatment completed. Speak with your dentist about possible sedation techniques they offer.

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