Celebrities Who Recovered from Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a serious medical condition that can make it impossible to get through a day without having at least one drink. You might even find yourself hiding bottles around your home, including inside your toilet tank and under your mattress. When you reach the point where you begin looking at alcohol rehab centers in Colorado, you may want to read about some of your favorite celebrities who recovered from their own addictions to alcohol.

Colin Farrell

It was almost impossible to head to the movie theater in the late 1990s and early 2000s without seeing Colin Farrell on the big screen. This Irish actor gained a bigger reputation for its antics off the screen than he did for his on-screen performances in later years. He often appeared in tabloids and magazines with a gorgeous woman in one hand and a drink in the other. Farrell stopped drinking and slowly worked on improving his reputation in Hollywood. The actor now admits that he is grateful for his sobriety.

Matthew Perry

When many people think of celebrity alcoholics, they think about Matthew Perry. The actor appeared on a number of television shows in the 1980s such as “Growing Pains” before landing his hit role on the series “Friends.” The money and fame made his alcoholism even worse though and led to him frequently missing rehearsals and shoots. Perry went to rehab multiple times to get help with his addictions to both alcohol and prescription drugs before becoming clean and sober.

Bradley Cooper

Long before he became a household name, Bradley Copper was just another struggling actor in Hollywood. He hit the big time with a supporting role on the TV series “Alias” before becoming a leading man with roles in “The Hangover” and other hit films. Cooper even picked up an Oscar and became a director along the way. The one thing he couldn’t get a handle on was his drinking. Copper admitted that his drinking changed the way his family and friends viewed him and interfered with his first marriage. He later took some time away from acting to focus on his sobriety and now feels better than ever.

Stephen King

The next time you pick up one of his early books, you might see references to alcoholism when reading one of Stephen King’s books. While working as an English teacher and writing in his spare time, King would sometimes drink so much that he would pass out in front of his typewriter. The experiences he had with alcohol led to him writing characters such as Jack Torrance, the caretaker in “The Shining” who slowly went crazy over one winter. King’s family and friends eventually staged an intervention that worked so effectively that the writer stopped drinking. The author has been sober for more than two decades.

Robert Downy Junior

As you watch films such as “The Avengers,” you might think of Robert Downy Junior as the loving and sarcastic Tony Stark. Had he not gained control over his addictions though, the actor would probably still be a struggling bit player today. Though Downy Junior gained fame in the 1980s for roles in hit films such as “Less Than Zero,” he became better known for his addictions in later years. Hollywood insurance companies even refused to insure him because of those addictions. Downy is now clean and sober family man.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid is one of the most outspoken celebrities who struggled with alcoholism. During his heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, the actor would often have a beer when he first woke up and continue drinking while on the set. When he finally woke up and realized what those drinks did to him, he stopped drinking and began focusing on himself. To maintain his sobriety, Quaid is even hesitant to take on roles that require he drink.

One of the best ways to realize what drinking does to you is with a look at the top 10 health risk of alcohol abuse. The effects of drinking can wreak havoc on your personal life and your professional life too. It can keep you from focusing on the tasks at hand and cause you to lash out at your loved ones. Hollywood celebrities experienced some of the same problems in their own jobs because the alcohol caused them to forget their lines and act in outlandish ways. Once you look at some of the celebrities who recovered from their alcoholism, you might feel ready to check out a Colorado treatment center for yourself.

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