eleven sun Salutation records for beginners

Are you a novice to sun Salutation? you’ll be curious to know all approximately sun Salutation – the way to do it right, when to exercise it or how many rounds at one time. when we start any yoga postureexercise, it’s far herbal to be prompted inside the beginning. yet it’s miles vital to do sun Salutationproper and realize crucial information to get the nice results. here’s a list of some of the ‘mustknows’ for solar Salutation novices.

#1 Why do solar Salutation? This is probably the first question that comes to maximum folks. solarSalutation is vital for 2 reasons. One, it is able to be a excellent workout for the entire frame – stretching, flexing and toning the muscle groups, an excellent exercising for weight reduction. It additionally offersnumerous health advantages past the bodily degree, enjoyable the thoughts, leading it to meditation. ,solar Salutation gives us an possibility to specific gratitude to the sun, without which existence on the earth could be not possible!

#2 great time to do solar Salutation? It is a good idea to do Surya Namaskar early morning at sunrise, on an empty stomach.

#3 am i able to do sun Salutation within the nighttime? yes. you may practice solar Salutation at sunriseand sunset. while the moon is visible, you could exercise Moon Salutation (Chandra Namaskar) which has one extra yoga posture in the solar Salutation series.

#four in which have to I do Surya Namaskar? even though there is no restriction to the vicinity ofpractice, you would possibly experience your stretches more outdoors or a well-ventilated room, overlooking nature.

#5 respect your body restriction; do not overstretch. As a beginner, you might be tempted to mimic your yoga teacher or fellow practitioner. but don’t forget, each body has a exclusive capability and one-of-a-kind flexibility. The concept isn’t to compete with every body. Do handiest as much as you could or yourframe can take.

#6 what is the suitable range of Surya Namaskars? It is a great concept to do as a minimum 12 rounds of Surya Namaskars day by day (one set includes rounds – six with the proper leg, six with the other).however, as a beginner to this yoga exercise, you may begin with two to 4 rounds and then step by stepgo as much as as many as you can easily do (even as much as 108 if you can!)

ideally, the practice is achieved in units. this could ensure that each sides of the frame are equallyused.

#7 solar Salutation on my own isn’t always sufficient; combine it with different yoga postures althoughsun Salutation is a whole frame workout, it is ideal to pinnacle it up with other more excessive yoga postures for an entire health experience. consult your artwork of living Yoga trainer to discover the greatyoga poses that have to follow Surya Namaskar.

#eight What speed have to I comply with for solar Salutation? practising sun Salutation at distinctspeeds (sluggish, medium or speedy) will have unique consequences. If accomplished at a slow pace,it is able to assist support and tone body muscle tissue. Use the breath as an effective tool in sluggishmoves to deliver the frame, mind and breath in harmony and experience a entire meditative revel in. a few rounds of brief solar Salutations may be a notable cardiac exercise. if you are doing Surya Namaskar as a warm-up exercising, do it at a quick pace. however if sun Salutation is included in the entire yoga posture package deal, you can do it at slow to medium pace.

#9 study solar Salutation under supervision. Like any other yoga posture practice, it’s far crucial toexamine solar Salutation underneath the guidance of a educated and experienced yoga teacher.

#10 consult a physician if you have a again trouble. in case you are suffering from continual returnedpain, another ache in the frame or some continual bodily hassle, it’s miles recommended to consult aphysician before beginning the exercise.

#11 Be ordinary and committed to your yoga practice. To attain best results, ensure which you exercisesun Salutation regularly. only then would you be able to enjoy its benefits. to quote Krishan Verma, senior artwork of residing Yoga instructor, “it’s miles higher to exercise each day for 20 minutes than toexercise for an hour every so often.”

locate an artwork of living Yoga route near you to examine solar Salutation efficiently from an art of livingYoga trainer. send your questions and queries to info@artoflivingyoga.org. We look ahead to assisting youalong with your yoga exercise.

this article is based on inputs with the aid of senior art of residing Yoga instructors: Dinesh Kashikar and Krishan Verma (Yoga Shiromani and Yogacharya).

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