Endorses Excercise During Pregnancy*


Meet someone who has been admired by many for her consistency and focus in exercise, but more recently for heightening awareness of the benefits of exercise, prior to, during and post pregnancy. Her name is Daniella Tarouba.

Together with her personal trainer Michel Andre Le Blanc, Tarouba maintained her fitness routine quite comfortably upon becoming pregnant with her second child. The volume of work she was capable of doing was nothing short of remarkable, and it was plain to see she felt comfortable and enjoyed every moment of her training. She became a gym favourite to look at during her training, a motivation to all.
On October 19, approximately two weeks ago, Tarouba gave birth to her daughter, Anabel Antonia Tarouba. She messaged me two days after delivery writing, “I was admitted at 6.13 a.m. and baby was born at 6.25am.

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Safety experts recommend that children face to the rear in their car seat until they are 2 years old
After car accidents, bicycles are responsible for more childhood injuries than any other product
Doctors suggest that a child with asthma should never exercise or play outdoors
In the United States, a child goes to the emergency room for medicine poisoning every 8 minutes
A good car seat can be passed down for generations and still be perfectly safe 10 years after buying it
Thumb sucking is a normal behavior for infants, though most stop around two years old
Young children can drown in less than 2 inches of water including sinks, puddles, and rain
A recent study conducted in Texas showed a candy bar a day can help children keep up in school
Even if you smoke outside away from your child, the toxins on your clothes alone can cause health problems
Eating any type of pepper while pregnant increases your child’s chances of having violent tendencies

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