Every skin revealed for Overwatch’s new character, Sombra



Above: Augmented.

Image Credit: Blizzard

Hacking never looked so good.

The newest addition to Overwatch’s roster is now available in the testing version of the team-based shooter. This means that anyone who updates the separate client for Overwatch can try out the hacker Sombra, whom Blizzard announced at its BlizzCon event on October 4. People are looking forward to the character because of her ability to turn invisible and disrupt enemy players and turrets. Fans can now see just how strong she will be. But of course, we also get a chance to look at her alternate costumes, which you can see in the gallery below.

Players can acquire skins from Loot Boxes earned each time they level their account. They can also spend gold (which you also earn through Loot Boxes) to buy skins. Now, let’s get to those flashy costumes!


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