Everything You Need To Know About Rosacea

Everything You Need To Know About Rosacea Awareness Month - Werbylo | We  rise by lifting others

If you have noticed areas of red flushing on your cheeks or nose, you may be suffering from rosacea. This common skin problem generally affects middle-aged people.

What Causes Rosacea?

The cause of rosacea is difficult to determine. Environmental factors, excess stress or a compromised immune system, could be what causes a flare-up.

Rosacea research by the Mayo Clinic has shown that eating spicy foods and drinking red wine or hot drinks could also trigger this condition. It could develop after you spend a day outside in windy or sunny conditions.

How is Rosacea Treated?

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this skin disorder. However, there are ways to treat it and prevent flare-ups from happening. Start with a visit to a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and customized treatment options.

It is important to use skin care products Midland County MI designed for sensitive skin, as most cleansers and moisturizers only make your rosacea worse. Your doctor may also prescribe a topical cream to apply to the flushed areas of your face to get rid of the redness.

If you have a severe case of rosacea with large red bumps, the dermatologist may prescribe a course of oral antibiotics.

What Prevents Future Flare-Ups?

Great skincare goes a long way in preventing future flare-ups:

  • Wash your face in the morning and at night with the products recommended by your dermatologist.
  • Every day, protect your skin by applying a mineral sunscreen designed for sensitive skin.
  • If you do wear makeup, use products that won’t clog your pores and are hypoallergenic.
  • Protect your skin whenever you use hairspray and immediately wipe off any excess that does get on your face.

In addition, avoid any food, drinks or activities you think may be causing your breakouts.

If you suspect you are suffering from rosacea, follow these guidelines to restore your face to clear skin.

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