family regulations on weekends

and prefer me he cherished the simple things, the smooth took for granted matters… It’s the simplethings that mean the most to him” —Singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini in the songeasy things’.

it’s miles the leader government officials (or us of a heads, if it’s far a multinational enterprise) who cope with the strolling of a enterprise on a daily foundation. it is their obligation to ensure that goals are met and that the deliver sails smoothly.

If there are rough seas, it’s far they who’ve to persuade the ship to protection.

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Their week days begin early and give up past duea few even put in 20-hour-days at instances.

And CEOs, similar to the those who paintings below them, stay up for the weekend.

it’s miles their time to unwind and overlook about the problems at the workplace.

Mint spoke to CEOs and heads from one of a kind industries, and asked how they spend their weekends.

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