FDA Drug Information Specialists LinkedIn Group Connects Pharmacists

Drug information (DI) specialists are well-known for having all the answers. It is a big responsibility to deliver the most current and most accurate drug information to stakeholders.

To help, FDA has created an online LinkedIn community called the Global Alliance of Drug Information Specialists (GADIS).  Pharmacists in the Division of Drug Information within FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research moderate the GADIS community, which has more than 600 members. This unique platform allows members to engage collaborate, and exchange ideas about evidence-based best practices.

History of GADIS
GADIS was first launched in December 2011 to connect practicing DI specialists to each other and promote information sharing among pharmacists. Many pharmacists practice in isolated settings and may have to do time-intensive research on their own before making recommendations to medical professionals. GADIS provides a network where DI specialists could share information, discuss recommendations and time-saving tips, and leverage peer knowledge-sharing to enable better communication, collaboration, and decision-making.

Before GADIS moved to LinkedIn in June 2016, FDA DI specialists provided information about new drug approvals, actions, safety information, and other important drug updates via a monthly e-newsletter distributed through a listserv. As FDA increased its social media presence, GADIS was moved to LinkedIn to allow for real-time conversations among DI specialists and provide opportunities for members to interact with their colleagues.

FDA pharmacists now use GADIS to post FDA updates in real time. In addition to information about new drug approvals, FDA pharmacists keep members up-to-date on medication guides, drug safety communications, news related to drug shortages, press announcements, guidance documents related to pharmacy practice, National Drug Take Back Day announcements, drug-related videos, and offerings of free live and home study continuing education webinars that would be of interest to pharmacists. In addition, the GADIS LinkedIn platform includes a Jobs tab, where FDA posts agency openings for pharmacists, pharmacy student rotation opportunities, FDA co-sponsored fellowship programs, and more.  FDA’s postings often stimulate discussions within the group, but any GADIS member can start a conversation. Simultaneously, pharmacists at FDA can learn about the issues currently affecting pharmacy practice.


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