Finer Touches by Rummy Loving Homemakers

Homemakers who love playing rummy card game will have some tastes that are unique to themselves. These are evident in their choices of home décor items. The love for the game alters these homemakers and this is reflected from their choices of things they use to decorate their home. Here are some quick picks to give you an idea:

Coasters Designed Like Playing Cards

The tea table is the first place you will see signs of love for card games in India. Many modern housewives enjoy selecting card shaped coasters to adorn their beautiful tea table with. The most ornamental designs are surely that of picture cards like King, Queen, Knight or Joker.

A Well-Designed Card Table

A lover of ultimate rummy games will surely have an arrangement at home for playing cards. You can expect a well-designed card table with four chairs to seat players. These chairs will be of the perfect height to ensure ease of playing. The ambience will also support regular card playing. In many of these homes, you may even find a card stand or a card shuffler on these card tables.

Good Lighting in Living Room

Good lighting is very important for card players so that their attention is not diverted. That is why a good rummy player will make sure that her house is well lit up at all hours. Good lighting in the living room with the help of attractive pendant lighting further enhances the ambience for card players.

Playing Card Cushion Covers

Even when you are not playing cards, you would like to see the remanence of your classic rummy love. That is why they often select beautiful card designed cushion covers to go with their sofa cushions.

New Home Décor Items with Old Playing Cards

Even as the cards get old, most Indian rummy lovers don’t wish to dispose their deck just like that. That is when they sit and research different ways to reuse the cards to make attractive home décor items such as lamps, stools or even party decorations with old playing cards. If a person has the creativity, it is really not difficult to mould the playing cards into an attractive piece of décor.

Backdrops for Photos

If you have only some cards from a deck remaining and thus it cannot be used for playing, there are other ideas you may try. You may use the remaining playing cards to make card curtains or card backdrop for displaying photographs. These looks exquisite and everyone who visits your home is sure to appreciate your innovative idea.

Playing Card Baskets

You may even recycle the old playing cards to make attractive baskets for fruits and biscuits. All you need is a bit of creativity to give the old playing cards a whole new identity.

If you are willing to take time and pains, renovating your home is just too easy. All you need to do is take some efforts and use your creativity. There are many websites online where such ideas are shared.

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