four forms of human beings

“Maitrikaruna muditopekshanam sukhadukhapunyapunyavishayanam bhavanataschitta prasadanam”

maitri = friendliness; karuna = compassion; mudita = happiness; upeksha = indifference; sukha = happiness; dukha = distress; punyaha = virtue; apunya = vice; vishayanam = concerning; bhavanataha = by way ofregular practice; chitta = thoughts; prasadanam = exceptional

by way of practicing the behavior of friendliness, compassion, happiness and virtues and via beingdetached to misery and sinful vices, your mind is excellent.”
-Patanjali Yoga Sutra #33

Patanjali categorizes human beings inside the global. There may be simplest four sorts of humans:

those who are satisfied
people who are sad
people who are engaged in appropriate acts, meritorious acts (blessed human beings)
individuals who are engaged in not so desirable acts or demonic acts (sinful people)
How do you address them?
He says maitri – friendliness with those folks that are happy. Be pleasant with satisfied humans. in case you are not friendly with folks that are satisfied, you will experience jealous. Your jealousy is becausesomeone is happier than you. but if you very own them, in case you feel that they belong to you, then you may now not be jealous of them. See, you aren’t jealous of someone very pricey to you, a person veryclose to you. whilst they’re satisfied it does now not bother you. It does no longer carry jealousy in you.whilst you suppose so and so is very glad and they are no longer related to you definitely, then jealousy comes. Then he (Patanjali) says have friendship with them, have a sense of friendliness with them.

you could see the same Self in every person but the feelings will no longer be the identical. it is able tovary for a amateur. One does now not experience the same with anybody, though intellectually you couldsay that, ‘it is handiest myself there’, however due to the fact that your feeling isn’t always yet fullycultured, now not absolutely mounted in itself, it nonetheless has its possibilities. Then what choice willyou are taking? Be pleasant with those who are satisfied.

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