Healing Cervical Spondylosis with Yoga

Cervical Spondylosis or Cervical Osteoarthritis is a physical condition caused by the wear and tear of bones and cartilage in the neck (cervical vertebra) region. This degeneration of the bones and cartilage causes chronic neck pain and can disrupt simple day to day activities. Since this wear and tear happens with age, Cervical Spondylosis is seen almost only in people above 50-60 years of age. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, almost 85% of people above the age of 60 are affected by Cervical Spondylosis.

Experts Opinion

  • Avoid doing activities that put pressure on the neck.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights.
  • Take short breaks in-between work or other activities to give rest to the neck.
  • Daily calcium intake should be met.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables.
  • Exercise regularly but with caution and care.

Apart from the ageing factor, Cervical Spondylosis can be caused by other factors too. Sitting in an uncomfortable posture for long periods, stress on the neck due to the nature of work, neck or spinal injuries, slip-disk and obesity are a few of them. There are chances of falling victim to Cervical Spondylosis if there has been a history of the same in the family.

Cervical Spondylosis Symptoms

Chronic neck pain is the most obvious symptom of this condition. Other than this, pain in the shoulder blades, stiffness of the neck and headache at the back of the head are some other symptoms.

Remedy through Yoga

Yoga is a natural and side-effect free remedy for Cervical Spondylosis. A regular practice of this ancient science leads to a flexible body, calm mind and a positive attitude towards life. Under the expert guidance of a Art of Living Yoga teacher, you can learn how yoga can help enhance your life. To begin on your journey to a pain-free life, start with these yoga poses:



This pose expands the chest and strengthens the spine. It also helps soothe sciatica.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

This pose stretches the neck and shoulder, and also energizes the spine.


The Bow pose stretches and stimulates the neck.


The Cat pose stretches the neck and alleviates back ache.

Setu Bandhasana

The Bridge pose improves flow of blood to the head, thus relieving it of headache. It also stretches the neck and spine.


The Fish pose strengthens back of the neck. It also stretches and stimulates the throat and neck.

Towards a Pain-Free Path

Many Cervical Spondylosis cases can usually be treated without undergoing a surgery. Proper medical attention, good care and regular exercising can often do the trick. Some other forms of treatment that are commonly recommended by doctors include physiotherapy, painkillers, antidepressants, etc. Apart from this, consciously improving your posture can also help reduce the strain on the neck and thus reduce the pain. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your prescribed medication.


Yoga practice helps develop the body and mind bringing a lot of health benefits yet is not a substitute for medicine. It is important to learn and practice yoga postures under the supervision of a trained Art of Living Yoga teacher. In case of any medical condition, practice yoga postures after consulting a doctor and a Art of Living Yoga teacher. Find a Art of Living Yoga program at an Art of Living Center near you. Do you need information on programs or share feedback? Write to us [email protected]


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