Health Conscious Party Ideas

There’s a lot of focus being placed on health-conscious living. This includes eating healthy, living an eco-friendly lifestyle, getting physical exercise and adopting habits that support mental relaxation. If you’ve adopted this lifestyle and want to encourage your family and friends to so the same, having a health-conscious party is one way to introduce them to the benefits of health-conscious living.


You’ll need to make the party invitation so enticing people won’t be able to resist coming to the party. A pool party is one possibility. While people might not accept an invitation to an exercise party, they will probably come to a party that promises music and dancing. You can even plan a party event with meditation as the theme. Get creative with how you describe your party.

Eco-Friendly Party Items

To show your support for protecting the environment and to encourage others to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, use environmentally-friendly party supplies. When buying plates, napkins, cups, utensils and tablecloths look for words such as biodegradable, green or compostable. You might want to consider using edible table decorations or decorating with small containers of live plants. Each guest could take a small plant home as a reminder of the importance of eco-friendly living.

Healthy Eating

You can introduce your party guest to healthy food options by serving items such as organic crackers with hummus or salsa. Providing them with a varied selection of sandwiches made using whole grain breads is a good way to introduce them to new, healthy items. A healthy diet includes fruits and nuts which are ideal items for a party table. Surprise them with healthy sweet treats such as chocolate covered strawberries, yogurt pies or frozen yogurt bark or zucchini brownies. Once they taste how delicious healthy eating can be they may be more inclined to readjust their eating habits.

Do your family and friends a favor and introduce them to the concept of health-conscious living. Demonstrating health-conscious living techniques can help them better understand how simple this lifestyle can be.

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