A Healthy Mane: 5 Factors That Have a Direct Impact on Hair Growth

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For the most part, your hair will grow about half an inch every month, for a max of about 6 inches per year. This can be a bit faster or slower depending on your race. However, there are certain factors that will encourage more generous and speedy hair growth.

  1. Eat protein-rich foods

A diet high in protein stimulates the production of keratin, which is what hair is made up of. Complete sources of protein such as oily fish, eggs, and almonds also contain iron, which is another essential building block for healthy hair. Protein rich foods contribute to a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet that permits the body to direct more energy and resources towards the growth of thick, long, and healthy hair.

  1. Increase your Vitamin C intake

Certain vitamins can do wonders for hair growth, and Vitamin C is one of those. This citrusy vitamin has a plethora of health benefits, including protecting against immune system deficiencies, preventing cardiovascular disease, eye disease, and skin wrinkling. Vitamin C also helps produce collagen, which is necessary for the growth of healthy skin and hair. The body cannot manufacture Vitamin C, so you have to get it from food sources, such as citrus fruits and broccoli.

  1. Exercise more

Exercise is an incredibly important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and 80% of American adults not reaching the recommended amounts of exercise per day, it’s becoming even more essential. If you needed another reason to get your running shoes, exercise has also been found to increase the growth of strong, healthy hair. The increase in blood flow to the scalp can greatly benefit the growth of hair.

  1. Use hair safe tools and products

With the plethora of hair products, services, and tools on the market, it can be hard to know which to use, but it’s important to make an effort to understand the ingredients and components that make up your hair care products and tools. Chemical relaxers, perms, and synthetic dyes all affects the strength of the hair strand, while cheaply made heated tools can also cause breakage and burning. Look for tools that use ceramic plates and keep the heat on the lower scale. Also, invest in  drug-free hair growth shampoos that protect hair and encourage growth.

  1. Consider underlying health issues

Your overall health matters greatly to your hair health and growth. It doesn’t matter what you apply to your hair if your overall health is suffering. Issues such as stress, smoking, and anemia can all contribute to hair thinning, breakage, or slow growth. In fact, anemia will cause your hair follicles not to receive the necessary amount of nutrients and cause hair breakage and hair loss. Iron supplements can reverse the effects of anemia and help your hair become healthier.

If you smoke or have a high stress lifestyle, you may also notice hair issues. Cigarette smoking restricts oxygen to the hair follicles, while stress negatively affects hair health and slows growth.

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