Local doctors share winter skin care tips

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Is dry winter skin driving you nuts? What are the best ways to deal with it? And what should you look for in your skin care products? Dr. Paul Reicherter and Dr. Jessica Jellison have the answers. Dr. Reicherter is a dermatologist and professor at UMKC.

In the video above the doctors answer the following questions:

  • My skin is really dry but oily moisturizers make me break out. What can I do?
  • Should I exfoliate in winter? How?
  • What natural oils are the best choices to use as moisturizes?

Are you curious about how your personal care products might affect your health? Researchers at KU Integrative Medicine and UMKC Dermatology are too. They’re interested in your input for a research project. Click here to take their survey.


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