Making the Most of Your Life

With so many things on your plate you may find it difficult to get everything done in a day. You may find it even more difficult to find any time for yourself on that long list of to-dos. Here are some ideas for ways to make your time and energy go a little further.

Plan it Out

Don’t head into your chaotic day blindfolded. Make a clear list of the things you need to do and try to plan them in an efficient order. If time is more important than money, choose semi-prepared meals that you can just bake or throw in a crockpot. Take into consideration the other things that may need to come before or after that activity so you’re not running all over town but rather stopping in a consecutive order. You can learn to live a 72 hours life in 24 hours with some practice and purpose.

Learn Effective Multitasking

Your brain may not be able to focus completely on two mentally intense things at a time however you can start dinner while the dryer is running or order groceries online while you are waiting in a reception area. Downtime between the big things on the list is a good time to squeeze in little things that need to be done but would otherwise take away important time.

Take Time for You

If you hold the rest of the world together, but you fall apart there isn’t much point. Make sure you get a few minutes of exercise or stretching each day. Try to eat healthy foods that will increase your nutrition and energy. Get enough sleep each night so you can function efficiently without having stupors or sleepiness during your busy day.

No one can truly do everything but it’s possible you may be able to do more than you are, or at least to do what you’re doing more efficiently. With some planning and prioritizing, you can better accomplish your daily goals.

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