Mark Beaumont: Providing Opportunities for Inclusion to People With Disabilities

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Since obtaining his medical degree from the Boston University School of Medicine in 2003, Mark Beaumont MD has been making waves in the healthcare field. For the past two decades, he has provided top-notch services in family medicine, healthcare consulting, operations management, and health-related education, to name a few.

Beaumont made his foray into the healthcare industry when he became a family practice provider at the Boston Medical Center. After serving at the Medical Center for several years, he found more ways he could contribute to the field, including consulting, career counseling, college faculty advising, medical writing, and college instruction.

As a healthcare professional, he is no stranger to helping people—medical professionals, students, and patients alike—and putting them on a trajectory to success. His formal education and experience in medicine, coupled with his interpersonal and organizational skills, have made him an asset to the industry and the people in it.

His most recent strides have been in the nonprofit sector. His organization, Opportunities for Inclusion, is a nonprofit agency that caters to the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the greater Waltham, Massachusetts, area.

Founded in 1956, Opportunities for Inclusion, previously known as Greater Waltham Arc (GWArc), has contributed to the habilitation of adults with disabilities, provided support to adults with moderate to high developmental skills, offered career support services to participants seeking employment, helped caregivers of adults with disabilities or elderly individuals, run accessible and inclusive community-based recreational activities, and assisted in school-to-work transitions for students struggling with learning challenges.

As the Executive Director of Operations and Personal Relations at Opportunities for Inclusion, Mark Beaumont MD has overseen the organization’s daily operations and the work of its IT, marketing, and sales executives, designed and implemented business strategies and procedures, contributed to the organization’s performance and growth, facilitated relationships with its partners and vendors, and managed its company staff, a responsibility that includes coordinating and supporting the recruitment process.

As the organization’s Executive Director of Operations and Personal Relations, Beaumont has propelled its mission, “to serve individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, frail elders, and their families,” forward. Due to his concerted efforts, the agency has seen numerous individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach their full potential in their careers and personal lives.

Providing opportunities for inclusion for people with disabilities has been Beaumont’s long-term goal. Throughout his years in the healthcare industry, he has ensured, with the help of his interpersonal and organizational skills and industry expertise, that medical professionals and clients alike have been receiving the services and opportunities they truly deserve and have been living their lives to the fullest.

As a result of his efforts, the healthcare industry has become a thriving, inclusive industry, setting a standard for inclusion and diversity in many other industries.

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