Medi-Cal Eligibility and Resources

The first step in applying for Medi Cal is determining if you qualify for the program. If you are eligible for Medi Cal, your local county social services office can provide you with an application. You can also get an application from the Medi-Cal website. The Medi-Cal application is free and easy to fill out.

Fee-for-service plan

Fee-for-Service plan eligibility is based on several factors. Medi Cal San Bernadino benefits may include round-trip transportation to health care services covered by the plan, including urgent care centers, specialist visits, and primary care physicians. It also covers dental care, mental health, and substance abuse services.

Medi-Cal has two health care delivery systems: managed care and fee-for-service. The fee-for-service system covers about half of all Medi-Cal beneficiaries and accounts for about 77 percent of Medi-Cal expenditures. This model serves low-income people with low-income and high-deductible health insurance, pregnant women, and parents of children in need of emergency care.

Your income and asset levels determine Medi-Cal San Bernadino Fee-for-Service plan eligibility. If you meet the income and asset level requirements, you may qualify for Medi-Cal with a share of the cost (SOC). A SOC is a fixed amount of money you must pay monthly when you incur medical costs. Once you’ve paid your SOC, Medi-Cal will cover the rest of your medical expenses.

Managed care plan

Medi-Cal San Bernadino managed care plan eligibility is determined by Medi-Cal enrollment. After you meet the eligibility requirements, Medi-Cal will mail you a Notice of Action (NOA). This document requires you to submit any requested documents and is important to maintain coverage.

To become eligible, you must meet certain income and asset-level requirements. If you meet these requirements, you may qualify for Medi-Cal with a share of the cost (SOC). This cost is similar to a deductible you will pay monthly when you incur medical expenses. Medi-Cal will cover the rest.

Medi-Cal San Bernadino managed care plan eligibility depends on your county. You can select Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan in some counties. You may also choose a Special Needs Plan for Dual Eligibles (SENPE) with no co-payments or coinsurance in those counties.

Resources not counted as assets

If you’re applying for Medi-Cal in San Bernadino, you should ensure you understand the resources that Medi-Cal considers assets. These resources are not considered exempt, but they will be included in your income count. They include cash, stocks, bank accounts, investment accounts, life insurance, and rental property. There are also restrictions on how you can spend these resources.

A work-related pension or IRA may qualify for Medi-Cal exemption as long as the applicant receives periodic interest payments. In addition, if the retirement account is in the spouse’s name, it is completely exempt from Medi-Cal consideration. The funds will not count toward a community spouse’s resource allowance.

Using a revocable living trust is a great way to avoid Medi-Cal recovery claims upon death. In addition, creating trust with an elder law attorney can avoid complicated and expensive legal issues.

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