Methods of Tattoo Removal

The demand for the removal of tattoos continues to increase each day. This rise in demand has seen the emergence of several brands seriously marketing their products and services as quick and easy tattoo removal methods. That is why Consumers should know the risks and effects involved in the removal of tattoos using various options.

Although laser tattoo removal is the most effective and safest method, tattoo removal clients have heard of injections, creams, and excision to remove unwanted ink. Lower priced products and services may be appealing, but they usually come with unwanted pain, scarring, and unimpressive results. The following are some methods of tattoo removal.

Surgical Excision

This method involves surgical removal of unwanted pigment from the skin. Normally, the tattoo remover numbs the area, gets rid of the tattoo using a scalpel, then stitches the edges of the back together- When the procedure is over, the physician often prescribes an antibacterial to help in the process of healing. The tattoo removers often recommend patients keep the region bandaged for 2 to 7days after the surgery. This method does not offer the complete removal of one session. Thus, practitioners have to schedule more than one follow-up surgery to produce the desired results.

Use topical creams

Topical creams application is less popular than excision. Tattoo companies sell creams and gels often online, and most of them are notorious for ineffectiveness.

The labels usually list ingredients like eucalyptus, aloe, sage, rosemary, and orange peel, but their primary ingredients are hydroquinone, TCA, or other acids. Most of these creams give little instructions, vague removal promises, and lack the cream working mechanisms.

Using injections 

Using injections is painful, less effective, and potentially dangerous. This method somewhat imitates tattooing. In this method, the physician numbs the region with lidocaine cream then injects a liquid formula using a tattoo needle- days after the procedure, the tattoo scabs over.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser tattoo removal method is safe, effective, and completely removes tattoo ink. Far from surgical procedures, injections, and the application of creams, laser tattoo removal targets the pigment using the appropriate wavelengths and the ink, breaking it into tiny particles. The process enables the body’s lymphatic system to get rid of the particles. Depending on the location, age, size, and composition of tattoo ink, most tattoo removal patients achieve desired results in 5 to 10 treatments. Even though laser tattoo removal is slightly uncomfortable, treatment sessions often last seconds each.

All in all, tattoo removal patients should always look for professional tattoo removers like the ones from Tattoo Removal Huntsville Alabama, who have the necessary technology for every patient.

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