It’s no secret that couples go through challenges throughout their relationships

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To be honest, it’s pretty natural to get into arguments and experience tension throughout your relationship. After all, there are two people that are coming together to operate as one unit. Unfortunately, many couples fall by the wayside when they don’t become intentional about keeping the spark going. If you don’t want to experience this travesty in your relationship, consider these four tips to help you keep your relationship hot and spicy for years to come.

1. Date Nights
Most couples will admit that date nights are their prime opportunities to connect with one another throughout busy schedules, kids and work. It’s easy to get into a mundane routine and miss out on what’s going on in each other’s lives. Be intentional about creating a date night once a week. During this time, no cell phones are allowed. It’s strictly a time for the two of you to connect with one another. You can go out to dinner with one another. You can go see a live show. You might even decide to do a movie night at home. However, make sure that it’s time that you’re spending together.

2. Counseling
Many couples think of counseling as a last resort when the relationship is on the rocks. In fact, counseling serves as an awesome tune-up for your relationship. Don’t wait until things are bad for you to decide to go see a counselor. If anything, put counseling on the schedule. You can see a counselor on a monthly basis or a bi-monthly basis. There’s also counseling for specific issues. If you two are running into challenges with physical intimacy, sex therapy Philadelphia is a great option to consider. The Center for Growth offers help in this area. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable as this is one of the keys to helping you improve your relationship.

3. Communication
Always communicate with one another. Keep the lines of communication wide open. Also, when you communicate, watch your tone. Your tone and word choice can make all the difference in the delivery. Think about how it once was when you two were dating. You were kind, sweet and thoughtful with your words. Do the same within the marriage.

4. Support
Whether people say it or not, it is really nice to feel supported by others. An individual should feel the most supported by their own partner. If your spouse is involved in the local play, make sure that you are encouraging and supportive of that. If your partner is a part of a basketball league, attend the games and cheer them on. If you have the desire to start a new endeavor in your business, talk to your spouse about it and get their blessing. When you two are able to talk through different issues, concerns and goals, you’ll be able to get on the same page. Once you’re on the same page, it’s easier to support one another through life. When you get married, you signed up to be their cheerleader. You are supposed to be their biggest fan. Make sure that you stick with that commitment. It’ll do wonders for your relationship.

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