Police crackdown on dark web drug trafficking ring

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Image: Terhi Marjakangas / Yle

Police in Helsinki say they have busted a new drug trafficking ring conducted on the anonymous network Tor. Police say the breakthrough came after an intensive three-week online surveillance sting which ended on Sunday.

The Helsinki unit said that it intervened in clandestine drug sales in the capital region by using legally permitted and secret coercive measures.

“During the operation we held 16 drug dealers, who sold illegal drugs on the TOR network. The operation confiscated 220 grams of amphetamines, 4,487 ecstasy pills, 847 grams of marijuana, 426 grams of MDMA crystals, 47 grams of cocaine, 37 cannabis plants and 150 ml of GBL,” said Detective Chief Inspector Jukka Paasio of the Helsinki police department.

GBL is a water soluble colorless liquid used as a cleaning solvent and super glue remover. It is also used as recreational drug.

Police are now considering six charges on drug offences and five on aggravated drug offences.

“At this stage we can already say that the cases have expanded and they have brought to police attention new persons suspected of criminal acts,” Paasio added.


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