Police officers ‘splashed with drugs’ after Redfern car stop

Two police officers have allegedly been splashed with a drug after they pulled over a car in the inner Sydney suburb of Redfern on Thursday.

NSW Police said officers from Redfern Local Area Command stopped the car, which had two people inside, on Redfern Street at around 4pm.

It’s alleged the officers had a conversation with the male driver and female passenger before they searched the car and uncovered several litres of Gamma Hydroxybutyric acid, a liquid more commonly known as GHB.

Police say the drug, which is also known as “fantasy” or “grievous bodily harm”, was found in three one-litre bottles.

A NSW Police spokeswoman said the passenger “attempted to pour a liquid from one of the bottles” after it was discovered.

As a result, the officers were splashed with the substance, which is commonly used as a date-rape drug.


The woman was arrested as further police and emergency services responded to the scene.

It is understood Fire and Rescue NSW helped to decontaminate the officers before they were assessed by paramedics.

NSW Ambulance said both officers were assessed and treated, but neither were transported to hospital.

The woman was taken to Redfern Police Station, where she was said to be “assisting with inquiries” on Thursday night, while the driver of the car was released.

Police said the bottles discovered in the car were seized and will be examined.


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