How to Recognize Signs and Help Your Young Teen Cope with Depression and Anxiety

When your sweet babe becomes a teen, those hormones wreak havoc on their mind and body. This can cause that once-sweet little one to morph into a mopey beastie. This is considered normal. What’s not normal is excessive depression and anxiety, which can affect young people as easily as it affects adults.

It’s scary for everyone involved, but the best thing you can do is be attentive. That said, here are a few ways to help a young teen cope with anxiety and/or depression.

Empathize, Share Stories, and Get on Their Level with Compassionate, Honest Conversation About Their Feelings

The teen years are rough and no doubt you have stories from your own. Share them. Get to know your kids a little better by telling them your own stories of horrible hormones and moments of insecurity, discomfort, and perhaps depression or anxiety. Be honest in the conversation and let them know you truly understand what those dreaded teen years can do to someone.

Tip: Having teen’s with anxiety and depression is scary, but don’t smother them with love just because you’re scared for them. Be compassionate and supportive but give your teen space if they say they need it.

Be on High Alert for Any Sudden Disturbing Symptoms

Teens are normally withdrawn and sulky at times, but it passes into the realm of something to worry about when they isolate themselves ALL the time. Or if they become violent, aggressive, manipulative to a fault, and self-deprecating—all of these are symptoms of a bigger underlying issue with depression and anxiety.

Teach Your Teen How Proper Nutrition, Exercise, Restful Sleep, and Relaxation Can Help Them Through Anything

Taking care of yourself helps combat anxiety and depression. This means regular hot showers with their favorite washes, good and nutritious meals, full nights’ sleeps, and at least an hour of active exercise per day are surefire methods to ensuring a more positive outlook, despite raging hormones. You could even look into alternative medical care, like chiropractic massage Hillsboro OR to relieve stress and realign focus.

Educate Yourself, and Your Teen, on Depression and Anxiety

The best thing you can be is prepared in the face teen anxiety and depression. There’s a ton of resource information available both online and in self-help or psychology books, both with more thorough signs and coping methods that both teens and their parents can implement together.

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