Science trumps tradition in skin care line

A new approach to skin care is being crafted on the North Shore, and their list of ingredients is surprisingly short.

Nayelle probiotic skincare calls their formula “nature’s best kept secret” because the line of products features no fillers or harmful chemicals, everything is naturally, and locally, produced.

Dermatologist tested and approved for all skin types, this anti-aging line of moisturizing and cleansing skin products is hoping to change the way people treat their skin.
Biochemist Peter Jurkemik began his search for nature’s most nourishing elements after his wife, who was selling other beauty products, continually encouraged him to try the creams and tonics.

“I read the labels and I said why should I put this on my skin,” said Jurkemik, who was astonished by the chemicals included. “Chemicals that are used in engine coolants and fertilizers, believe it or not,” he added.

The research started with an extensive look into the history of natural beauty products used in cultures around the world.
Jurkemik peered into ancient Chinese regimes and several claims from different cultures that professed impressive rejuvenating qualities from mushrooms, fermented milk, sea kelp and clay.

The beauty regimen of the woman considered most beautiful in Chinese history, Concubine Yang Guifei, included snow mushrooms that she used to maintain her youthful skin, according to Jurkemik.

“All those claims actually do have some grounds, so we said OK, now we know that we do have good ingredients and they will provide you the with full nourishment for your cells,” he said.

In order for their formula to work, he had to figure out how to turn these starting ingredients into a form that skin cells could easily absorb.

“The probiotic technology is the same way you produce yogurt, kimchi or sauerkraut. Basically, microbes will feed on the sugar in the ingredients, they then break down the larger molecules into small ones, concentrating and making them more bio-available,” said Jurkemik. “During this process of probiotic action, they’re creating a full spectrum of vitamins, antioxidants and other bio-available compounds that are not actually present in the ingredients that we’re starting with.”

Tanya Moss, president of the company, says that just like the digestive system, the skin functions better when it is fed probiotics. In her experience, she had found nothing that would ease the irritation of the eczema on her fingers until she tried Jurkemik’s formula.

“Because of the organic ingredients, people with rosacea, acne, and eczema are noticing improvements,” said Moss.

The ingredients are sourced from around B.C. with snow mushrooms from Nanaimo, clay from the Bella Coola region, and kefir from a local business in Chilliwack. The sea kelp is manufactured in the United States but harvested from Canadian waters, according to Jurkemik.

The process of creating all of these active ingredients from scratch takes more time and is the biggest challenge in producing Nayelle’s cosmetics, but Jurkemik believes it’s well worth it.

Moss is seeing the conscience of consumers changing and notices that more attention is paid to not only the ingredients in beauty products but also the ethics behind how they’re made, which is the reason why their products are 100 per cent cruelty free as well as organic.

The team is excited to have their website up and running in Canada as of Oct. 24 and hope to help consumers nourish their skin right down to the cells with the proper ingredients.


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