sclerotherapy mobile al

Sclerotherapy is a medical treatment that lessens the appearance of varicose veins, spider veins, and other unsightly deformities associated with enlarged veins. It is generally considered a cosmetic procedure since varicose veins don’t usually pose a health risk. However, as a way of eliminating varicose veins, it has a lot of benefits that other methods of removing deformed veins lack.

First of all, sclerotherapy is far faster and less invasive than other cosmetic treatments for varicose veins. Most forms of the treatment involve injecting the unwanted veins with a medication that shrinks and ultimately destroys them. The veins are then absorbed into the body. The injection can be done quickly and easily right in a doctor’s office. There is no need for a hospital stay nor is there any downtime. You can receive a sclerotherapy treatment and resume your normal activities that day if you wish.

Another major benefit of sclerotherapy is that it is reported to produce positive results in most patients. No medical procedure can be 100 percent effective for all patients, but most people see results relatively quickly with almost none of the scarring that may be associated with a more invasive procedure.

Finally, since it can be completed quickly and relatively painlessly, sclerotherapy is often the ideal treatment for those who experience pain and discomfort from varicose veins. This means that, for some people, sclerotherapy is more than a cosmetic procedure.

Sclerotherapy Mobile AL

If you live with unsightly or even painful varicose or spider veins, ask your doctor if sclerotherapy could be right for you. No medical procedure is right for everyone, but the success rate and relative safety of sclerotherapy make it a viable option for many living with varicose veins. There are clinics throughout Mobile, AL and the surrounding areas that can provide this procedure, so don’t hesitate to contact them to learn more.

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