Staying Ahead of Diabetic Complications

Diabetics face unique challenges to their health and safety. Many of them lose feeling in their legs and feet, making it impossible for them to know if or when they have suffered a cut or wound. They may not realize that they have an injury until an infection has taken root and tissue inside of their feet has already started to die.

Because of their compromised senses, they also are at increased risk of amputations. By seeking the help of a skilled primary doctor, dietician, and foot specialist Kissimmee FL diabetics like you may be able to prevent damages to your feet and avoid having your toes, feet, and limbs amputated.

Preventative Measures

Once you are under the care of a skilled foot specialist, you may be given plenty of advice about how to keep your feet safe. To start, your doctor may tell you to wear protective footwear even when you are at home.

Walking barefoot or wearing flimsy shoes can be perilous for diabetics. You could step on a nail or stub your toe, injuries that can quickly lead to dangerous infections in the tissue and nerves. Within a matter of days, you could suffer from a festering wound that might have to be surgically repaired. Even at that, the wound could grow until part of your foot must be amputated.

Your foot specialist also may ask that you make regular appointments with him or her so your doctor can inspect your feet. This preventative care can help you keep your feet safe and also help you avoid complications that could limit your mobility.

You can find out more about undergoing diabetic foot care when you visit the website of the medical provider. You can make an appointment and start doing some preventative measures of your own like buying a good pair of shoes designed for diabetics.

Diabetics need to take good care of their feet at all times. You can avoid dangers like amputations and infections by seeking care from a skilled foot specialist who is trained to work with patients who suffer from diabetes.

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