Steps in Breast Cancer Treatment

Now What? First Steps After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Breast cancer treatment can take the dimension of mastectomy or a breast preservation surgical procedure, lumpectomy accompanied by radiation, and in some cases, chemotherapy. These are the best ways to avoid the resurfacing of cancer cells. The most popular facility for cancer treatment is the place where it was detected the first time.

To determine the best method for treatment pathology of the disease is conducted. The first biopsy is done when the cancer is suspected, the type of cancer present, and the responsive nature of the hormone.

Understanding the hormone receptors is an important aspect of the decision-making process of a person’s treatment. Several tumor types are stimulated by hormones found in a woman’s body, like estrogen and progesterone. Tumors may show positive responses to one or more hormones. By having this detail, a treatment method can be provided to improve the chances of a woman surviving freely from cancer.

From the surgery, the pathology conducted determines if the tumor was removed completely or if cancer affects the lymph nodes. While the surgery is taking place, the surgeon can visualize the tumor but not the cancerous cells. The tumor is then sent to a pathologist who puts the tumor and the surrounding tissues are removed during the surgery under the microscope. Through this, the cancer cells can be observed; hence it is easy to determine the presence of the cancerous cells in the lymph nodes.

If lymph nodes have cancer cells in them, cancer must have shifted from the tumor site to other body parts. The movement of the cells away from the tumor indicates metastasis or some stray cells traveling in the body. A final pathology provides more information on

  • The cancer type
  • The area of cancer.
  • The best way to treat cancer is to offer a cancer-free life for women.

A woman diagnosed with cancer should seek assistance from a doctor specializing in breast cancer NewPort Beach-located services from the biopsy.

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