The Three Best Gifts You Can Give Your Pregnant Spouse

When your spouse is pregnant, everything they feel becomes what you feel. Why? Because when they are uncomfortable, they will absolutely make you uncomfortable. Ergo, this article gives you a briefing of the best gifts you can give your pregnant spouse to make her life a little easier.

Time Off Her Feet—Do the Dishes, Mind Your Other Kids, Take Care of Dinner, etc.

The number one complaint of new moms is that their spouse isn’t as helpful as they thought they would be. So, start now. Give her time off of her feet, especially if you have other children. Do chores around the house, fix dinner, be attentive to anything the other kids need—do everything you can to help her unwind tonight so she can feel refreshed tomorrow.

Massage Time for the Mommy-to-Be—You Will Earn MAJOR Brownie Points

Professional massages are amazing for helping pregnant women distribute their pains, aches, and stresses across the whole of their bodies. These kinds of massages combat pregnancy pains, allowing moms-to-be to relax and feel normal again—if only for a little while. Throw in a facial Norfolk VA so she will feel refreshed all over.

Side note: If you can’t afford a professional massage right now, rub her feet yourself. Break out the lotion and give her an at-home pedicure that involves a complete rub-down of her heels and arches. That’s one way to make a mommy-to-be melt.

Make Her a Gift Array of Pregnancy Essentials, like a Total Body Pillow, Something Squeezy for Stress, and a Brace for Her Belly and Back

Mommies-to-be are in a lot of constant pain because of the stress growing a baby has on her body. Hence, the reason you should take extra care in getting her things that will ease that pain. For example, a total body pillow feels like a godsend in her third trimester, while a squeezy ball will help her push through pains, especially during labor.

The best thing that a mom-to-be can feel is prepared. She has so much worry and stress on her proverbial plate right now. So, as her supportive spouse, it’s on you to ensure she has some relief from all of hormonal stresses that are currently bombarding her body and mind. Do what you can to make her feel prepared to have the baby.

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