Types of Smart Drugs Students Are Taking

Smart drugs market is expanding fast because of really great results. There will always be some users with a bad experience, but overall many products that are considered as Nootropics have positive effects on our brain. Most of them are still being tested because it is hard to fully test something that enhances our brain in some way.

Students are the biggest group of users, and that is when side effects usually occur because they tend to use it in a wrong way. When someone sells you smart drugs and not a drug store, they won’t tell you the details about how to use it, and what can happen in certain situations. That is why you should buy it from a trusted source.

Some of the most popular Nootropics are natural, but usually what you will find online are adrafinil and modafinil, the latter being the most popular. They are all supplements, so if they could have some major effects on your body government wouldn’t place them in that category. Natural smart drugs are also very popular because they are more secure.

Oxiracetam and Aniracetam

Oxiracetam is in Racetam family of Nootropics. It resuscitates the brain from a sleep deficit, improves your performance, focus and mental energy. People usually take a thousand milligrams, but micro-dosing is also a thing, so you can take a couple hundred milligrams which will also work. It isn’t popular like modafinil, but the effect is very comparable to it.

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With Aniracetam you can pull things out of your memory better, and it showed greater creativity levels for a lot of people. It improves the mood as well and it is the only one in Racetam family that has anti-anxiety effects. It is fat-soluble, so you need to ingest it with a fatty acid. The great thing is that it is absorbed under 30 minutes into the body.


This product is always compared with caffeine, but it is more beneficial. Caffeine is going to give you anxiety and it can happen that your system crashes when you use too much and it will have a negative effect on your body. All of these bad aftereffects are gone with Teacrine. A typical dose you should use goes from 50 to 150 milligrams which depends on how much you use coffee or how much you weight.

The only bad thing about it is the taste, so you should take capsules. If you have a feeling that caffeine is not working, it can be that you are starting to resist it, and you have to take more, but then there are bigger side effects. Read more on this page.

CDP Choline

It is also called cytidine diphosphate choline or citicoline, which is a strong nootropic that is most popular because of its ability to protect the brain from memory loss and also enhances the memory. That isn’t the only benefit, it also increases your focus, and you will get rid of brain fog. There are studies that show how choline can be useful with patients that had head injuries, glaucoma, and attention deficit disorder.

What is interesting about this product is the ability to enhance other similar Nootropics, so it is usually recommended to take it with other smart drugs that aren’t that strong. The best effects are with Racetam type of drugs, significantly enhances memory boosters such as pramiracetam and piracetam while blocking the minor but irritating headaches that are typical side effects connected with Racetam supplementation.

Acetyl L Carnitine

It is the isolated form of L Carnitine which means that the chemicals difference makes it easier to absorb in the body. It is actually an amino acid that we can use to improve feelings of mental fatigue. Some people have noticed that it relieves some symptoms of ADHD. It can help relieve some of the focus and attentiveness problems.

One of the main benefits of using it is for mitochondrial support which is like small energy factories that are in each of our cells. By providing it with support, it helps us with longevity, aging, and it helps with energy metabolism. Another benefit is serotonin improvements in certain parts of the brain such as the hippocampus which can be increased up to 20%.

When it comes to side effects, they are really rare, but some people struggle with gastrointestinal problems. Usually, L Carnitine is either taken in capsule or pill form and if you get the powder rather, you might have some gastrointestinal problems as well.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that is mainly found in plant and fungal species. Most commonly it is found in black and green tea. It is known to help you relieve stress while also stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain. Users usually describe it as relaxed but alert feeling. You can imagine it as feeling comfortable being focused.

Read more about it here: https://www.healthline.com/health/l-theanine

Theanine by itself, depending on your state, is really great Nootropic. Your brain state really matters in this point because the effect is going to be stronger and better if you have a healthy diet and are physically active. A great thing about it is when you feel anxiety you can take a thousand milligrams of L-Theanine and it won’t have negative effects, it will just regulate your state, and you will feel better. Many experienced users recommend taking at least five hundred milligrams.


Coluracetam has a great rating among users because it’s most popular benefit is that you get something described as HD vision, which other Racetams can’t give you. When you have a clear sight, your brain will act differently and your focus will be stronger. It doesn’t give you energy like many smart drugs.

Another difference is that it lasts up to five hours. You can also use it with other supplements, so you can stack on it benefits that other Nootropics have. Like with other Racetams, you should take it with choline. If your goal is to improve memory, it isn’t the supplement for you, but combining it can be the perfect option.

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