WA police set for festive season with portable drug test kits

New roadside drug testing kits are being rolled out to the WA police officers ahead of a festive season crackdown on drink and drug driving.

The new kits are more compact and portable and enable the screening process to be conducted from a roadside police vehicle.

Previous testing was mostly conducted from breath and drug buses, or in areas with close proximity to a police station.

Launching the state-wide Police Traffic Campaign on Thursday, Police Minister Michelle Roberts said police enforcement efforts were being ramped up over the festive period.

“The message is simple,” she said.

“Don’t drink and drive or get behind the wheel with illicit drugs in your system, or you can expect to get caught.

“Not only are those people risking their own lives, but they put the lives of other road users at serious risk.”

Drug and booze bus operations will be deployed in metropolitan and regional Western Australia to catch intoxicated drivers.

Both marked and unmarked traffic vehicles, along with covert police motorbikes will target speeding, seatbelt offences and drivers using their mobile phones.

So far this year, more than 8000 drivers have been charged with drink driving offences and 2,615 drivers have been caught driving with illicit drugs in their system.

Double demerit point penalties apply from midnight Friday until January 7, 2018.

“I urge all Western Australians to spare a thought for others this festive season and show some courtesy, consideration and care on the roads,” Ms Roberts said.

“Let us all enjoy the time with our family and friends and share in those things that make Christmas – peace, goodwill and giving joy to those we love.”


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