What is the first step in Drug Rehabilitation?

The 4 Stages of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Recovery

Rehabilitation is the act of returning a person to their original state after a bout of illness, addiction, or after serving jail time. The most common usage of the term refers to addiction. Here rehabilitation or rehab as it is commonly known is the act of helping an addict fight their urge for drugs and then help them through the side-effects of withdrawal and finally help them return to society as functioning members. Moreover, another aim of rehab is to ensure that the addict does not relapse after releasing themselves from their addiction. This is important as a relapse episode can severely hurt the addict and most relapse cases are very hard for rehab centers to deal with.

The rates of addiction are rising and becoming a problem for our society. What makes the situation even worse is the fact that there is a very small part of the addict population currently in rehab. This can be very dangerous to our society as the dangers of addiction are not limited to the addicts themselves but also o their family, friends, and even innocent bystanders in some cases. So if you are involved in any type of drug addiction it is very important that you make a decision regarding rehab since it has the best possible case of helping you so do not tarry visit a local center, i.e. phoenix detox center, and get more information

Knowing where to start in rehab is very important to ensure that your rehab is effective and has the highest possible chance of helping you recover from addiction.

The first in the rehabilitation process is not exclusively a part of the rehab process and it is known as the detox process. While not exclusive to drug rehab this is an important part of the rehab process so much so that without this the rest of the rehab process will not bear any fruits. Detox essentially means the removal of toxins and in the case of drug addiction, rehab detox means the removal of any drugs that are still present. These drugs if they are still present in the body of the addict can be very dangerous. These drugs can render any attempts of rehab useless as long they are still present in the body since the addict has to learn how to counter their need and urge for drug use and this cannot be practiced while there are still drugs present in the system of the addict as they will not have the urge to do drugs. If these drugs remain in the system of the addict, they can be a danger to those around them under the influence since asking the addicts to leave drugs can inspire strong emotions in them leading to start acts of violence against doctors or even themselves. Moreover, even in the case that the addict is not acting violently these drugs can still pose a danger to the addict as the chance of overdosing is still there as long these drugs are still present.

Most people are often shy away from detox due to their misconceptions about what detox is and how it works. Most people believe that detox is a dangerous treatment so much so that they would rather stay enslaved in drug addiction than go in for a detox session. However, these are all falsehoods as the detox process is overlooked by trained professionals and doctors that work to ensure that the patient has a positive experience. The detox process is planned for each patient specifically so that they do not have any complications. Moreover, doctors can prescribe medicine in order to facilitate in this step.

After the detox session is over the recovery phase begins in which the patients focus on learning how to fight the addiction.

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