5 commonplace PCOS Myths and Misconceptions

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Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the maximum not unusual gynaecological ailment in India and theleading cause of fertility complications in girls. a number of the not unusual signs of PCOS consist ofinfrequent menstrual intervals with irregular bleeding; hair loss from the scalp; immoderate hair increaseall around the frame, a condition called hirsutism; acne and oily pores and skin; melancholy or temperswings; weight advantage; pelvic pain; sleep apnea and lack of ability to conceive.

PCOS could be very not unusual in India. it is expected that 1 in every 10 women in India has PCOS butdue to lack of awareness it is not detected on time and many girls maintain struggling. The prevalenceof PCOS is higher in urban cities and is developing among youth and younger girls.
There are numerous myths and misconceptions approximately PCOS that aren’t true. here are a number of which you need to be aware:

delusion #1: Having PCOS means you cannot have a baby

PCOS could make idea more difficult however many women with the disorder have correctly conceivedsupplied they received the proper treatment.Even if you have cysts on your ovaries but are not showingevery other PCOS signs, chances are you will now not have issues conceiving. however if you havebeen diagnosed with PCOS and are having issues getting pregnant communicate on your health practitioner approximately the right fertility treatment for you.


delusion #2: PCOS is best caused by an imbalance inside the hormones

maximum PCOS cases do have an underlying hormonal imbalance as the purpose but there are otherfactors that still motive this situation which include genetics or extra insulin manufacturing. Manywomen with PCOS are obese or obese in order that they need to make lifestyle adjustments to oppositethis circumstance. these modifications might include eating regimen and exercise, avoidance of strain,ensuring sufficient rest and sleep and reducing out smoking and alcohol.


fantasy #3: All women with PCOS enjoy the identical signs

PCOS signs vary from female to woman. In some cases the symptoms begin step by step and get worse over time and in a few instances symptoms may not surface for a long term. As soon as any of the commonplace signs and symptoms of PCOS occur it is really useful to go for a checkup. Thisguarantees an early analysis and the start of the right treatment.

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delusion #four: Diabetes reasons PCOS

research shows that PCOS is associated with insulin resistance and the improvement of diabetes,however diabetes does no longer always usually result in PCOS. women are cautioned to music any pre diabetes risks that exist for them as individuals including a circle of relatives records of diabetes,immoderate weight gain, an dangerous eating regimen and over intake of sweetened beverages. Inwellknown, a nutritious food regimen might include masses of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and correct fat.


delusion #5: dropping weight will therapy my PCOS

losing weight will no longer put off this situation. it is able to but reduce its effect.research have shownthat weight reduction improves ovulation thereby notably enhancing being pregnant consequences.One contributing component for PCOS is the release of immoderate androgens (male hormones) with the aid ofthe ovaries than can cause weight benefit in particular around the abdomen. So it is essential topreserve a healthy weight with the aid of eating right and workout because extra weight advantage with PCOS can result in different headaches like high ldl cholesterol, excessive blood strain, kind 2 diabetes and sleep apnea.

in case you are diagnosed with PCOS there may be no want to worry because all its symptoms can now be managed with the proper treatment. My advice to all ladies is to be privy to the fitness conditionsthat could affect them at some stage in their reproductive years and to are seeking medical steering earlyso that the preventive measurescan be initiated early and if treatment is required,it could be provided in an green and well timed way.

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about the author :Dr. Beena Mulktesh is an I.V.F, Infertility expert and is presently the scientific director, fertility at Cloudnine health center, Gurgaon and the director at Silver Leaf Fertility, Gurgaon. She becomeadditionally the Chairperson of Endometriosis and PCOS committee ,Delhi ISAR. She turned intoadditionally awarded the medical Excellence Award- 2014 with the aid of AIIMS Director, Dr M.C.Misra.


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