5 Yoga Poses to Fight Swine Flu

With Swine Flu spreading like wildfire, the panic amongst people has been on the rise too. To prevent this deadly virus from bringing you down on your knees, it’s important to take the arm yourself with necessary precautions. While medicines and vaccines can help avert and overpower the flu, one must work towards raising the immunity level to safeguard their health. Simple yoga poses like the ones mentioned below can help build immunity level and also strengthen your mind:


Adho Mukha Svanasana

An inverted pose like Adho Mukha Svanasana increases the flow of blood towards the sinuses and helps unblock them. The improved flow of blood also affects the brain, thus aiding in rejuvenating the mind and keeping you calm.



This yoga asana expands the lungs and improves the flow of oxygen and blood. It also massages the abdominal organs and aids in better digestion. A healthy respiratory and digestive system acts as the first line of defense and keeps the viruses at bay.


Kapal Bhati pranayama

Powerful exhalation is at the core of this unique breathing technique that unblocks the nose, clears the energy channels in the body and improves blood circulation. It also stimulates the abdominal organs and improves digestion.



Matsyasana provides relief from respiratory disorders by encouraging deep breathing. It also tones the parathyroid, pineal and pituitary gland, thus aiding in better secretion of hormones that control the blood pressure, metabolism and body temperature.



Though primarily aimed at providing relief from gas, this asana also helps improve blood circulation, massage the abdominal organs, and aids in digestion. It also relieves the body of tension in the back, hips and legs.


Advanced yoga practitioners can also practice Jalneti – a highly effective technique that uses water to purify and clean the nasal path, right from the nostrils to the throat.

Apart from the above mentioned yoga asanas, poses like Shishuasana, Sarvangasana,Hastapadasana, and Setu Bandhasana are also very effective in building immunity and fighting the flu better.

Regulary practicing yoga keeps the body fit, flexible and immune from diseases. Addingayureveda and regular meditation to your lifestyle can further enhance the effect of practicing yoga. With a yogi’s body and a meditator’s calm mind, fighting Swine Flu is not really that difficult.


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