9 mistakes you make while weighing yourself

TNN | March 25, 2017
Obsession with the weighing scale

1/10Obsession with the weighing scale

Are you one of those who in a rut to lose weight end up on the weighing scale every day, sometimes more than once in a single day? There are a lot of people who are obsessed with their body weight and in doing so, they make more mistakes than good. Here we list down nine such occasions when stepping on the scale might not be the thing you should be doing.

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Weighing yourself every day?

2/10Weighing yourself every day?

It is a good idea to weigh yourself once in every week, ten days or on a fortnightly basis, but every other day? No, of course. This habit heads towards an obsessive behaviour which can be unhealthy.

Just after a workout

3/10Just after a workout

Do you know every litre of water is equivalent to a kilogram of your weight? When you exercise, your body loses a lot of water in the form of sweat, thus lowering the scales if you measure after a workout. If you are following the practice of weighing both before and after every workout, then it is fine. But never get too happy just because you were two kilos lesser on the scale after your gym session yesterday.

At your friend’s place

4/10At your friend’s place

You need to remember a rule if you are following the losses and gains in your weight. You must weigh yourself on the same scale every time. As a result, even if a scale isn’t properly calibrated, you would still know the changes that are happening in your weight.

At different times of the day

5/10At different times of the day

That’s the second most important rule you must remember. It shouldn’t only be the same scale but also the same time of the day when you weigh yourself. Never weigh after you have binged on to fried snacks for supper or margheritas for dinner. Try to make it the first thing you do in the morning, empty stomach.

With your boots and sweaters on

6/10With your boots and sweaters on

A T-shirt or a skirt may not make much of a difference but if it is extra chilly outside and you have five layers of clothing, do not step on the weighing scale. Wear as little clothing as possible and preferably, similar clothing each time you weigh.

When the weighing machine is on a carpet

7/10When the weighing machine is on a carpet

Earlier believed to be just an urban myth, studies have now indicated that if you put your scales on a carpet, you will weigh more. Put the machine on a harder surface, such as tiles, for a more appropriate reading.

On certain days of the month

8/10On certain days of the month

This one is only for women. Around their menstrual cycle, women tend to weigh more because of water retention in their bodies. Avoid stepping on the scales during those days.

If it affects you too much

9/10If it affects you too much

If you get anxious just by the thought of stepping on the scales, it is time you ditch this habit. However, you can try to remain within a weight range rather than sticking to a number. A variation of about 2 to 3 kilograms is fine. Try sticking within it. The changes could only be due to bowel movements or the kind of diet you had.

When you look slim but weigh more

10/10When you look slim but weigh more

If you are satisfied with the way you look and weigh, who cares about the scales? Just stay happy and healthy and that’s all you need.

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