Albanian drug gang who provided City workers with cocaine jailed for 33 years

Drug gang

They were said to have an ‘extremely active’ telephone line when they were arrested Twelve members of a drug gang that supplied cocaine to bankers in central London have been given lengthy prison sentences. Two ring-leaders Bledar Ponari, 28, and Fjoralb Fera, 21, ruled over eight couriers and two call handlers as they peddled drugs across the capital’s Square Mile. The ring was smashed when a courier was pulled over on a routine check and he was found to have cocaine. That led to the discovery of a further 1.2kg of cocaine, worth around £144,000, and £20,000 in cash and two phones that were described as ‘extremely active’. A spokesman for City of London Police said: ‘The City of London Police has disrupted a large scale organised crime gang responsible for taking orders of cocaine from City workers and delivering the drugs in the Square Mile and central London. ‘The eight-month long investigation has not only resulted in eight ‘couriers’ of the drugs being sentenced to jail, but also two ‘controllers’, who would take the orders of cocaine and arrange for their pick-up. ‘It began with a routine traffic stop where cocaine was found and then from that covert work began to progress up the chain. Klevis Drazhi, Bledar Xhani, and Mario Prendi (Picture: SWNS) Dritan Jella, Fjoralb Fera, and Albi Hoxha (Picture: SWNS) ‘Two other individuals involved with the group were found guilty of non-drug related offences. Overall, the gang of 12 have been sentenced to over 30 years in prison. ‘In total, 1.2kg of drugs with a street value of up to £144,000 were seized, along with over £20,000 in cash. ‘Two mobile phones also seized during the operation were found to be extremely active ‘drug line’ phones, belonging to the two ‘controllers’.’ Detective Constable Lee Johnson said: ‘A lot of individuals delivering drugs across the capital are young and vulnerable people who are being exploited. ‘Many people don’t realise it, but money from selling drugs can be used to fund other serious offences. ‘This operation has been incredibly successful in disrupting a large and organised group of criminals, making a profit from the sale and distribution of cocaine in the City.


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