Benefits of the Five Bite Diet

Five bites

The prospect of the Five Bite Diet may sound daunting, but with a little bit of planning, you can make it work for you. Created by Dr Alwin Lewis over a decade ago, the diet basically helps with portion control and eating just enough.

While food needs to be curtailed, you can drink as many beverages as you like, as long as they are zero or low calorie like cucumber juice or black coffee without any added sugar. The Five Bite Diet means skipping breakfast, so a beverage is a great way to start the day, along with a multivitamin supplement to combat any nutritional losses.

At lunch and dinner, you’re allowed just five bites of food per meal! It allows for a regular diet without restriction, as long as you’re getting in a good amount of protein with every meal. So it’s ideal if you take in a bite each of cheese, nuts or seeds, a fruit, a veggie and a whole grain with every meal. However, even if you eat junk food, you’re still likely to lose weight due to the limited portions; just that you’ll be eating zero nutrition foods. Also, during this diet, high-intensity workouts should be avoided since you’re not getting enough fuel for your body to spend.

However, ten bites of solid food a day may not be sustainable in the long run, so while it could help you shed the pounds initially, you’ve got to eat sensibly in the long run to keep your nutrition levels high. One way of doing this once the initial weight is dropped, you can adopt portion control in a more sensible manner, allowing yourself adequate fruit, vegetables and low-fat protein, while cutting back on carbs and fatty food.


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