Best Treatments To Combat Aging Skin

Everyone wants to maintain youthful, glowing skin even as they age. While there are always new products becoming available and treatments that are trendy with celebrities, there are many treatment options that have remained popular for their effectiveness and availability. If you’re looking to reduce signs of aging in your skin, try out these options.

For Early Signs of Aging

The earliest signs of aging in the skin include sunspots, very fine wrinkles and dullness. Using products with retinol can increase skin cell turnover, helping dark spots fade faster; you should also use sunscreen every day to prevent further damage. Products that include exfoliants or antioxidants can decrease the appearance of fine lines and make the skin brighter, in addition to using a daily moisturizer. Professional treatments like microdermabrasion may give you more immediate results.

For Fine Lines, Hyperpigmentation or Hair

Whereas early signs of aging may be treated with only over-the-counter products, moderate to severe wrinkles or sun damage may require stronger products or professional treatments. Dermatologists and some spas offer treatments like chemical peels or dermabrasion that can treat deeper lines and hyperpigmentation by sloughing off the topmost layer of the skin. You could also try laser treatments at a laser spa, such as laser resurfacing or hair removal if you’re looking for an option other than tweezing.

For Deep Wrinkles

The previously mentioned treatments can have significant effects after you receive a few treatments, but deeper wrinkles may be best treated using injections or fillers. One option is Botox, which paralyzes certain muscles that cause wrinkles. Another option is hyaluronic acid fillers, which are injected to make certain areas of the face appear fuller and reduce wrinkles. The caveat with these types of treatments is they are usually temporary; however, the results are immediate.

Although skin aging is a natural process, beauty treatments can slow down this process if you wish to do so. Be sure to talk to your dermatologist about the best options for your skin type and condition.

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