Institut Curie – A Place for Research and Treat Cancer Disease

SIREDO: curing more children with cancer | Institut Curie

Cancer becomes one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. Many types of cancer can attack any tissue in the human body. Some cancer can be treated by using various medical treatments. However, some cancer diseases may contain an unsolved mystery. This condition is the focus of the Institut Curie. This institution is focusing on the development of cancer treatment that has a good efficiency to save human life.

Institut Curie is located in France. This institution has been recognized as the best institution that focuses on cancer research. Institut Curie has cooperated with some international research centers to develop cancer treatment and discover the mystery of cancer. In France, this institution has cooperated with the Institut Pasteur in Paris and The Leon-Berard Center in Lyon. In addition, Institut Curie also has cooperated with some research centers to focus on the specific topics of research such as uveal melanoma and neurodegenerative diseases. The performance of the Institut Curie in the research leads to the research grants awards. The latest award is received by the Celine Vallot from the European Research Council (ERC). The grant research is about 1.5 million euros for the development of cancer treatment.

Institut Curie also plays an important role in providing treatment for the patient with cancer disease. It has been recognized as the cancer hospital Paris with the best services. The cancer hospital offers some types of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and hormone, immunotherapy, reconstructive surgery, proton therapy, surgery, and radio therapy. This hospital also offers the treatment for various types of cancer such as digestive cancer, blood and bone-marrow, choroidal, skin cancer, soft tissue sarcomas, tumors of the central, breast cancer, gynecological cancer, lung cancer, urogenital cancers, malignant eye tumors, cancer in elderly, and others.

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