Bikini babe’s yoga stretch on beach is interrupted by THIS

A video captures the moment a seagull mistook a woman in a yoga pose for a landing spot.

The footage shows a woman in a black and white bikini on a beach just inches away from the sea.

She is seen moving into the yoga pose known as Natarajasana.

As she stretches out, despite her feet a little wobbly, a huge white bird swoops in.

bird sits on bikini babeIMGUR

This bikini babe was not expecting a bird to land on her whilst practicing yoga

bird sits on bikini babeIMGUR

The woman in a black and white bikini was practicing yoga on a beach

The first originally lands where her raised leg and one hand meet.

When this bikini clad notices the bird she let’s go of her position.

However, this white, bird continues to sit on her hand until she shakes it and the bird flies away.

The video was uploaded to imager earlier today.

bird sits on bikini babeIMGUR

Not long after the girl assumes the Natarajasana position a bird swoops in and sits on her

Since then it has gone viral with more than 35,000 views.

Many viewers have found the video amusing and some even commented saying they have “enjoyed this” post.

Another wrote: “Everything about that is adorable.”

But one user went on to express their fear of birds: “Birds are scary and features freak me out.”

bird sits on bikini babeIMGUR

Despite moving the bird stays seated on her hand for a few seconds

The story comes after a video captured the heart-stopping moment a shark swam right under surfers in Australia.

The terrifying footage was filmed at the popular Australian beach this week.

Surfers at The Pass were paddling around in the crystal clear water.

They had no idea a huge shark was lurking just beneath them.


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