creation to Yoga with Kamlesh Barwal

Kamlesh Barwal is an international artwork of dwelling Yoga instructor with The art of residing. over the last eleven years, she has travelled global coaching people of all backgrounds, cultures and religions how to correctly manage their mind and feelings, do away with stress, live in harmony amid variety and bring more peace and pleasure into their lives through simple yet profound Yoga strategies. She alsomakes a speciality of training instructors in artwork of living Yoga. recognized for her sleek yoga posture practice, her classes are a blend of simplicity, amusing, humor and lot of nicely defined yoga philosophy and knowledge.

Q: How am i able to be satisfied? Can yoga practice bring happiness?

Kamlesh: appearance, happiness isn’t somewhere out of doors within the international. it’s miles ourtrue nature. this is how we are. We cover our real nature below those layers of lack of know-how andcomplications as we grow up. If we are able to drop these kind of layers and move back to being oureasy self, then that is the key to an eternal happiness and eternal pleasure. And this manner of union with your reality is yoga, is The artwork of living.

Q: What brought you to The artwork of living and what made you stay right here?

Kamlesh: I joined The art of residing due to the fact my neurosurgeon instructed me to. lower back thenwhen i used to be in university, I had some health troubles and my health practitioner had studyapproximately the Sudarshan Kriya and the restoration results that it had, so he suggested my mom to make me take a seat on one of the publications and that i did.

After having practiced Sudarshan Kriya for more than one months, I felt myself trade. not simply myphysical health become enhancing but I should see so much greater intellectual power coming to me,a lot greater emotional energy coming and what commenced as an insignificant practice to get awholesome body and stable thoughts has emerge as my lifestyle now. there was no searching back!

in the beyond 12 or 13 years, each second, I sense some thing inside me developing more potent andhigher. no longer that the situations are usually beneficial. no longer that I do now not meet opposingconditions or opposing people anymore, however my reaction, as a substitute reaction, to situationsand those have modified absolutely. i’m able to simply smile it away now.

it’s miles excellent to have a flexible body, it’s miles superb to have a healthy frame and ordinarypractice of asanas clearly assist you obtain that, however that isn’t all there is to it.

Yoga does not simply imply postures , asanas – you already know, taking your leg and putting it over your head – isn’t always yoga. Postures or practice of asanas enables you purify your frame, enables you cleanse your mind and all those thoughts that move on inside the head all the time, helps you compromise it down, so that you are organized for that deeper experience of yoga. that going beyond thethoughts is the experience of yoga.

See, if there are too many ripples on the floor of a pond you cannot see the intensity of the pond, right? Soa good way to see the depth of the pond you have to first calm down the ripples on the floor and a quiet,peaceful, rested mind is prime to the enjoy of yoga. So via the asanas we are doing, we are simplyquieting the surface of the pond. Settling the ripples and admiring the depth of the pond is yoga.

Q: Why come to a art of residing Yoga elegance when i’m able to study yoga on tv or from books?

Kamlesh: all of the records is on the net. All you need to do is Google seek and Yahoo search and also you get all of your answers. that doesn’t mean you do now not go to schools anymore, proper? furtheryou can study in books a way to do a yoga posture efficaciously, the way to breathe in or a way tobreathe out, however books can not provide you with that experience of union that yoga definitelymethod. A grasp could be very essential in our lives. A grasp is one who will convert all that facts into livestories. Experiential expertise can most effective come from the grasp, a Guru, someone who has already trod the path, a genuine guide. So for information to get converted into experience you need a Guru, youwant a grasp.

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